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Aries Bath Soak

Aries Bath Soak

Aries Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign

March 21 - April 19


This Aries Zodiac Bath Soak, is a celestial elixir meticulously crafted to ignite the fiery spirit of the Aries zodiac sign. With a blend of ginger, bergamot, orange, and infused with the dynamic energy of Bloodstone crystals, this bath soak is a portal to a transformative and empowering bathing experience.


Ginger, known for its invigorating and warming properties, stimulates your inner fire, awakening your passion and vitality. It encourages you to embrace your innate courage and fearlessly embark on new adventures, aligning perfectly with the bold and pioneering spirit of Aries.



Bergamot, with its uplifting and citrusy aroma, promote emotional balance, allowing you to let go of any tensions or anxieties, and embrace a renewed sense of inner strength.

Orange is a symbol of creativity and vitality, resonating harmoniously with the vibrant energy of Aries.

Bloodstone empowers you to overcome challenges and embrace your inner warrior. It provides a grounding and protective energy, allowing you to navigate any obstacles with strength and determination. 

Embrace the divine essence of the Aries Zodiac Bath Soak and unleash the powerful force within you. 

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