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Capricorn Bath Soak

Capricorn Bath Soak

This captivating Capricorn zodiac soak was perfectly crafted for the grounded and determined sun, moon or rising soul of the sea goat. This bath soak is a gateway to a deeply nourishing and transformative bathing experience. Filled with Jasmine, Orange and Rose Quartz crystals this soak is sure to provide a celstial soaking experience. 


Jasmine nurtures your spirit, inviting you to release any tensions and anxieties. Its calming properties help create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom and find solace in the present moment. Jasmine resonates with the determined and tenacious nature of Capricorn, encouraging perseverance and a sense of inner strength. 


Rose represents beauty, compassion, and self-care, aligning perfectly with the nurturing essence of Capricorn. Rose also envelops you, soothing your soul and inviting you to practice self-love and acceptance. It encourages you to honor your achievements, embrace your authentic self, and create a foundation of inner tranquility.


At the heart of this blend lies the gentle energy of Rose Quartz crystals. The rose quartz crystals infuse the bath with their healing energy, promoting self-care, emotional healing, and the cultivation of loving relationships. They encourage you to nurture your heart and foster a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-worth.


The Capricorn Bath Soak is a thoughtfully crafted fusion of natural ingredients and Rose Quartz Crystal Chips, carefully selected to align with the nurturing energy of Capricorn. Rose Quartz, known as the stone of love and compassion, resonates perfectly with the Capricorn's practical yet sensitive nature. It promotes self-love, deep emotional healing, and fosters a sense of inner peace, allowing you to find solace amidst your ambitious pursuits.


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