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Leo Bath Soak

Leo Bath Soak

Unleash the regal power of the Leo Zodiac Bath Soak, a celestial elixir designed to ignite your inner fire and illuminate the magnificence of your spirit. Birth dates ranging from July 23 - August 22, this soak is infused with the invigorating scents of eucalyptus and orange and infused with the heroic energy of Tigers Eye crystals. This bath soak is a gateway to a majestic bathing experience that resonates with the essence of the Leo sun, moon or rising sign. 


Eucalyptus, renowned for its purifying and revitalizing properties, envelops your senses with its refreshing and cleansing aroma. It empowers you to let go of self-doubt and step into your true radiance, encouraging a renewed sense of self-confidence and passion that epitomizes the Leo spirit.

The vibrant and uplifting scent of orange infuses your bath with a burst of joy and positivity. Orange is a symbol of creativity and self-expression, aligning perfectly with the Leo's innate desire to shine.


Like the majestic lion, Tigers Eye exudes confidence, strength, and courage. It serves as a powerful talisman, grounding your energy and providing you with the resilience and determination to pursue your dreams fearlessly. As you soak in tyour bath, the Tigers Eye crystals infuse the bath with their protective and empowering energy, encouraging you to step into your personal power and lead with grace and authenticity.

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