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Sagittarius Bath Soak

Sagittarius Bath Soak

Sagittarius ♐️ 

Bath soak



“I can creatively color the world by being an example of healing to myself first.”


Introducing our Sagittarius Bath Soak with Aventurine Crystal Chips, an invigorating blend crafted specifically to honor the adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Immerse yourself in a bath that embraces your inner wanderlust and ignites your passion for exploration, as you soak in the transformative energies of this celestial creation.


The Sagittarius Bath Soak is a carefully curated fusion of natural ingredients and Aventurine Crystal Chips, chosen for their resonance with the Sagittarius energy. Green Aventurine, known as the stone of opportunity and luck, aligns perfectly with the Sagittarius' optimistic and adventurous nature. It embodies the spirit of growth, abundance, and the manifestation of dreams, inviting you to embark on new journeys and embrace the vastness of the world.


As you indulge in this bath soak, the Aventurine Crystal Chips energize the water, infusing it with their vibrant and revitalizing properties. They empower you to chase your dreams, encouraging creativity, and attracting positive opportunities along the way. Let the crystals guide you as you navigate the path of self-discovery, ignite your passions, and expand your horizons.


Complementing the Aventurine Crystal Chips, our bath soak is enriched with a blend of natural essential oils and minerals. Luxurious Epsom salt, renowned for its soothing and detoxifying properties, eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation. Uplifting lavender essential oil invigorate your senses. A touch of clary sage provides a refreshing burst of energy, awakening your spirit and rejuvenating your mind.


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